Robots for Humanity Overview

Robots for Humanity (R4H) is about using technology to extend our capabilities, fill in our weaknesses, and let people perform at their best. Henry has given two TED talks about his experience:

Henry Evans is the inspiration and instigator of R4H. Henry suffered a tragic stroke when he was 40 years old, rendering him speechless (mute) and quadriplegic. Through robotic technology, Henry continues to find ways to explore and interact with the world. Devices developed by members of Robots for Humanity to date range from a laser pointer mounted on his glasses to a very expensive humanoid robot (PR2) to various flying quad rotors. This site tells the story of Henry’s quest.

Willow Garage was an important player in this effort, sponsoring and contributing to it in many ways from 2011 through 2013.

You can contact Henry Evans directly: hevans1000 (at)