Mobile devices that let you interact with people in a remote place, like the Suitable Beam.

Kavitha Dances in a Beam

Here’s Kavita Krishnaswamy’s entry into World of Dance, using her “Tele-Dance Robot” (and a little help):

20 Mar 2016

Controlling a Beam with eyetracking

Controlling a Beam with eyetracking – YouTube.

27 Dec 2015

Grandmother Attends Wedding via Robot

Came across this Virtual Reality Communication / HUG PROJECT while at the iREX conference in Tokyo.

06 Dec 2015

Real or Robot?

Great profile of Robots for Humanity by the Solutions Marketing Group: Real or Robot?.

02 Dec 2015

KWS presents ‘a Speech Day like no other’ – Kinross Wolaroi School

KWS presents 'a Speech Day like no other' – Kinross Wolaroi School.

16 Dec 2014

How robots have widened the world of one man unable to move –

How robots have widened the world of one man unable to move –

29 Sep 2014

Stuart Turner, Robots and Cake!

In his own words, Stuart Turner is a “Geek. Quadriplegic. Software tester.” He’s the founder of Robots and Cake and has been involved with Robots for Humanity in a number of ways, including providing feedback about remotely operated web-based robots to Prof. Chad Jenkins’s lab at Brown. This has included flying a Parrot AR drone that was 3000 miles away!

Go to to learn more!


23 Jun 2014

The Snowdenbot’s next adventure?

Telepresence robots help exiles as well as quadriplegics in this TED Blog: The Snowdenbot’s next adventure? | TED Blog.

20 Jun 2014

Beam Remote Presence: Meet Henry Evans

"If you want something, you look for options.
If you don't want it, you look for excuses."
- Henry Evans

27 Feb 2014

TedX Talk: Henry Evans and Chad Jenkins

Henry Evans and Chad Jenkins: Meet the robots for humanity | Video on

20 Nov 2013