Quad Rotors

Robots open up the world of art – CBS News

CBS News covered Henry at the De Young Museum using a Beam to tour. It also mentions Henry’s TED talk and his use of drones.

01 Mar 2015

Why our drone future is for real — someday – CNET

Why our drone future is for real — someday – CNET.

16 Dec 2014

Paralyzed Pilot

This article, “Paralyzed Pilot,” appeared in RC Sport Flyer magazine.

18 Nov 2014

How robots have widened the world of one man unable to move – CSMonitor.com

How robots have widened the world of one man unable to move – CSMonitor.com.

29 Sep 2014

Stuart Turner, Robots and Cake!

In his own words, Stuart Turner is a “Geek. Quadriplegic. Software tester.” He’s the founder of Robots and Cake and has been involved with Robots for Humanity in a number of ways, including providing feedback about remotely operated web-based robots to Prof. Chad Jenkins’s lab at Brown. This has included flying a Parrot AR drone that was 3000 miles away!

Go to robotsandcake.org to learn more!


23 Jun 2014

TedX Talk: Henry Evans and Chad Jenkins

Henry Evans and Chad Jenkins: Meet the robots for humanity | Video on TED.com.

20 Nov 2013

Henry Evans presenting at TedX

Henry Evans

Henry Evans and Chad Jenkins are presenting Robots for Humanity (http://tedxmidatlantic.com/2013-speakers/).

24 Oct 2013

Quad Rotors for Humanity

Henry Evans of Robots for Humanity and Chad Jenkins of Brown University have been working on the use of Parrot AR.Drone quad rotor helicopters for physically disabled individuals.  During his sabbatical at Willow Garage, Chad created a web interface using rosbridge and ROS for Henry to pilot the drone over the Internet.  Henry used these drones to explore and monitor his home over the Spring and Summer, as shown in the Quad Rotors for Humanity video below.

Since Chad’s return from sabbatical this Fall, Henry regularly pilots drones at Brown (in Rhode Island) from his home 3000 miles away (in California). Henry, Chad, and a number of great collaborators are currently preparing a presentation for TEDxMidAtlantic 2013 describing Henry’s story and role in developing robot interfaces for the disabled.

It is worth noting that the same web interface for driving the AR.Drone can be readily used to drive a PR2 robot. This interoperability is due to the use of rosbridge as a network messaging protocol, allowing robot web apps to work with a variety of different robots.

Code for Quad Rotors for Humanity is available at this repository, and uses rosbridge, mjpeg_server, and ardrone_autonomy ROS packages.

24 Oct 2013