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Robots helping people in bed


Two recent papers out of Georgia Tech show how a mobile manipulator, with safe and therefore relatively weak arms, can be combined with an automated bed to give a glimpse of how future assistive tasks may be performed autonomously, or by a remote caregiver.


10 Jul 2016

Robots for Humanity: Using Assistive Robotics to Empower People with Disabilities

A couple of academic papers out of the Robots for Humanity project. One, from 2013, is now available on line at

Work using the PR2 to empower people with disabilities continues at Georgia Tech. Phil Grice and Charlie Kemp recently published this paper: Assistive Mobile Manipulation: Designing for Operators with Motor Impairments

04 Jul 2016

Robots for the people

Henry Evans is featured in Ernst and Young’s Connect Magazine.

15 May 2016

Major art gallery in California is now using robots to open a whole new world of enjoyment

Nice story on Henry using telepresence at the De Young museum in San Francisco:
Story on 9News in Australia


14 Apr 2016

Kavitha Dances in a Beam

Here’s Kavita Krishnaswamy’s entry into World of Dance, using her “Tele-Dance Robot” (and a little help):

20 Mar 2016

The Internet Saved His Life – Vocativ

02 Mar 2016

Autobed: A Web-Controlled Robotic Bed

The Healthcare Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech has released a module that can be easily plugged between the hand control and the Invacare bed, without having to modify any existing hardware on the bed. They call a bed so modified an ‘Autobed.’ With this feature, users who are unable to operate the standard bed controls, but can access a web browser, are able to position the bed by themselves without having to rely on a caregiver (for example, patients with quadriplegia). Click here for the full technical report.

21 Feb 2016

Japanese Mobility Devices

The Japanese have embraced technology to assist the elderly with mobility. Below are two such devices that Henry (via Beam) and Steve saw at the International Robot Exhibition (iRex) in November 2015.

Murata's Self Balancing Powered Walker is Perfect For the Elderly and Super Lazy.

The Resyone bed splits into a wheelchair, vastly simplifying the problem of transfer from bed to wheelchair.

16 Jan 2016

Controlling a Beam with eyetracking

Controlling a Beam with eyetracking – YouTube.

27 Dec 2015

Grandmother Attends Wedding via Robot

Came across this Virtual Reality Communication / HUG PROJECT while at the iREX conference in Tokyo.

06 Dec 2015