Reader’s Digest Article on Henry and Jane

This is really a nicely done article on Henry and Jane by Reader’s Digest: How a Quadriplegic Man Helped Pioneer His Own Life-Changing Robot.


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  1. Michael Bullis

    I’m writing because Henry’s story illustrates a problem in disability skills knowledge transmission. There is no knowledge exchange portal where people with disabilities can exchange the often simple solutions they find to problems. This lack of knowledge exchange means that most of us can’t benefit from the experience of others and disability skills and techniques knowledge transmits very slowly if at all. Although I have a disability, most of my adult life has been spent in business development. When I became the Executive Director of the IMAGE Center for People with Disabilities in 2011, I was stunned to realize that we made up most of the solutions to the problems we solved when people came for training. I began studying and discovered that Occupational Therapists, vocational rehabilitation counselors, most professionals do the same thing. They make things up for each person, unable to see the dozens or hundreds of solutions already developed.
    We’re developing the Aging & Disability Skills Gateway, a place where people will be able to go to find people, just like them, and how they accomplish daily tasks. Our ultimate goal is to incorporate employment as well, but for starters we want to take on the simple every day tasks of independent living.
    I’d like to talk to anyone interested in helping us move this project forward. It will cost $3.5 million, and is designed to be a stand-alone business model after that.
    Please get in touch if you’re interested. Baltimore public radio station wypr did a story on the Gateway two weeks ago. You can
    hear it at:
    Specifically, I’d like to get in touch with Henry to discuss this model and its potential.


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