Robots for Humanity: Restoring Function to the Disabled Through Technology

Robots for Humanity: Restoring Function to the Disabled Through Technology.

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  1. Norm Ayers

    I recently saw Henry on a “Ted Talks” and wanted to know if I could help him in some way. I was a quadriplegic for three months in 1992 (and recovered) and also had a major stroke in 2010 (and am mostly recovered). I have an interest and experience in flying, amateur radio, electronics, computers, robotics and sailing. I am still working at age 65 as a software support contractor for the Department of Energy in Maryland.

    I don’t know what I could do for Henry but have shared some of his life experiences and am empathetic. As a person who was handicapped, I may be able to relate to his needs and help him (and others) benefit through technology.

    I’d like to use my remaining years to help people through the use of non-conventional approaches such as robotics, drones, computers, video, etc. Please send email to if you have a need. Otherwise, good luck Henry! I’ll be rooting for you! Best, Norm Ayers. December 19, 2013


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